September 24, 2011

tape-crakle nails

oh, hey!
this is one of those manicures that was done before but im showing you this today. i dont remember when i did this manicure but i really liked it.
this has an funny story. when i bought the purple base color (moda young beach club-07) i swatched it on my nails and it looked pretty well on my nails. this polish is my face purple!
and at the same time i bought a neon green polish, and a pink polish which is glittery(flormar SUPERSHINE 04). i wanted to swatch them but i didnt wanted to remove the purple so i ended up doing a tape mani with these colors.
AND then i was like "i wonder how this will look with crakle polish?"
then bam!
i decided to apply black crakle polish.
it didnt end up that bad, right?

sorry for the blurry picture! the picture was taken in a hurry and this is the only pic i have :L

for my thumb, i used my first franken as the base color. i named it Lettuce because it has my name in it and its green like lettuce! i didnt know what lettuce meant and last year, during an English lesson, my teacher told me what was that mean.
the pink is the same as the other pink.

this is the pink polish.

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