October 30, 2011

the giveaways im entering

hi ladies!

everyone loves giveaways, right?
for a long time now, i enter all the giveaways with many polishes i can find on the blogs, but for my luck, i coulnt win any of them.
i always daydream about those polishes they're willing to give because most of them are just too hard to find for me.
to gain more entries, i decided to write a blog including the giveaways im entering.
you go, enter too because they are the goodies.
whatevs, WISH ME LUCK! :)

how lovely they are!


too bad i cant find these Hello Kitty products here.


oh, china glaze.

i really hope i win one of them.

October 17, 2011

green nails!

long time no blog.
so, ladies, todays theme is green nails with a black line on the middle.
im so sorry, i forgot which polish i used for that mani but im guessing it was GABRINI summer edition M105. its one of those polishes that gabrini published for summer which has many wonderful and some neon colors in it.
i dont know why, but when i paint my nails and cant find a good nail art idea to do on them, i ALWAYS draw a black line. it looks cool, i think.
and i remember once, i black lined a glittery manicure and my friend told me that they remind her of a snake's eyes.

anywayssss. the pics are crappy, i choosed the better ones but still they are crappy. 

i have manicure pictures done but i dont have time to upload because of school and everything.
GOODBYE for now. see ya errone! :P

September 24, 2011

tape-crakle nails

oh, hey!
this is one of those manicures that was done before but im showing you this today. i dont remember when i did this manicure but i really liked it.
this has an funny story. when i bought the purple base color (moda young beach club-07) i swatched it on my nails and it looked pretty well on my nails. this polish is my face purple!
and at the same time i bought a neon green polish, and a pink polish which is glittery(flormar SUPERSHINE 04). i wanted to swatch them but i didnt wanted to remove the purple so i ended up doing a tape mani with these colors.
AND then i was like "i wonder how this will look with crakle polish?"
then bam!
i decided to apply black crakle polish.
it didnt end up that bad, right?

sorry for the blurry picture! the picture was taken in a hurry and this is the only pic i have :L

for my thumb, i used my first franken as the base color. i named it Lettuce because it has my name in it and its green like lettuce! i didnt know what lettuce meant and last year, during an English lesson, my teacher told me what was that mean.
the pink is the same as the other pink.

this is the pink polish.

September 5, 2011

random manicures

i was checking my nail pictures to blog, i saw a coulple of manis that i forgot what i used and that hasnt many things to talk about. so i came up with an idea about blogging them all together.

school is about to start and ill go to 10th grade. the worst thing about all that school stuff is mathematics. i just dont get it so my bestie does all the explaining about it but im not sure if she is succesful. lol.
and when the school starts, i might not gonna be able to blog that much so ill try and make scheduleded posts.

in that period that i couldnt blog, i did a lot of polish shopping! it wasnt okay with my purse but still. lol
and i swatched the polished ive never tried on before and not to my suprise, there are a lot of polish to swatch on!

anyways, ill just upload photos of the manis.
some of them was made by my twin.

this was made by my twin.
 she used different colors which made a good combo.
 she got inspired that finger from Rebecca from Rececca Likes Nails

well, actually, Rebecca's blog was like the second nail blog i ever saw and i got inspired by her about blogging. she is my favorite blogger ever and i really love her and visit her blog everyday to see what she got for us for the day.
so,im tellng you, you will see a lot of inspirings from her on that blog! :)

this mani is inspired by her, too.

 when i first saw that manicure, i thought it was way too hard to do, but no..
ıts really easy.
you just make glittery dots and a black one on it then apply top coat on it and your mani is done!

even my aunt loved this manicure!

my twin did this manicure which Rebecca named dripped mani.
i loved the color combo.
have a good day!

August 23, 2011

my sugar nails!

I know, i havent blogged for so long. i didnt really had time to blog. but now, im back with a super cute mani! I really loved everything about my mani. I remember i saw that mani on somewhere so i got inspired by that but i dont really remember where i saw it. And when i first saw it, i was totally in love!
So, long story short, im loving my sugar nails. Too bad i had to take it off, but ill do that again, for sure.

I used Flormar SUPERMATTE M116 & Flormar Nail Art NA01

July 31, 2011

My no glitter franken and glitter as top coat

i did this manicure long ago but couldnt have a chance to put it on here, so here you are, my franken.
i didnt made this franken on a bottle, i made it on a wrap paper which caused my nails to be different tons of purple. if id made my franken on a bottle, my nails would be the exact same color.

i dont remember how many coats i applied on from my franken but i applied 1 coat from Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U 28  my franken was made of  Flormar Supermatte m116 and Flormar 410. i dont remember how many drops i dropped from each bottle.
sorry for the creppy phone pictures.

bu manikürü uzun zaman önce yapmıştım ama buraya koyma fırsatı bulamamıştım, işte size frankenim.
bu frankeni şişede yapmadım, kağıt üstünde yaptım ki bu da tırnaklarımın farklı renkte görünmesine sebep oldu. şişe de yapsaydım aynı renk görünürdü. frankenimden kaç kaç sürdüğümü hatrlamıyorum ama Flormar Supershine Miracle Colors U 28 den 1 kat sürdüm. frankenimi de Flormar Supermatte m116 ve Flormar 410 dan yaptım ama kaç damla damlattım hatırlamıyorum.


July 25, 2011

my fruit mani!

I did my fruit manicure yesterday for  Polish-aholics Anonymous's Nail Art Challenge!
I really did liked this one, it looks yummy! but some of the nails got real thick because i applied 2+ top coat.
That mani took me 45 mins to do but i think it worthed every second of that time!
And my fave finger is kiwi one because i was looking for something to drive and i asked my new best friend and he told me to do a kiwi, plues i liked the color contrast!