September 5, 2011

random manicures

i was checking my nail pictures to blog, i saw a coulple of manis that i forgot what i used and that hasnt many things to talk about. so i came up with an idea about blogging them all together.

school is about to start and ill go to 10th grade. the worst thing about all that school stuff is mathematics. i just dont get it so my bestie does all the explaining about it but im not sure if she is succesful. lol.
and when the school starts, i might not gonna be able to blog that much so ill try and make scheduleded posts.

in that period that i couldnt blog, i did a lot of polish shopping! it wasnt okay with my purse but still. lol
and i swatched the polished ive never tried on before and not to my suprise, there are a lot of polish to swatch on!

anyways, ill just upload photos of the manis.
some of them was made by my twin.

this was made by my twin.
 she used different colors which made a good combo.
 she got inspired that finger from Rebecca from Rececca Likes Nails

well, actually, Rebecca's blog was like the second nail blog i ever saw and i got inspired by her about blogging. she is my favorite blogger ever and i really love her and visit her blog everyday to see what she got for us for the day.
so,im tellng you, you will see a lot of inspirings from her on that blog! :)

this mani is inspired by her, too.

 when i first saw that manicure, i thought it was way too hard to do, but no..
ıts really easy.
you just make glittery dots and a black one on it then apply top coat on it and your mani is done!

even my aunt loved this manicure!

my twin did this manicure which Rebecca named dripped mani.
i loved the color combo.
have a good day!


  1. Loving the dripped one! It reminds me of a lava lamp :)