June 13, 2011


ım gonna blog about my fave nail polishes! they are not that much but still..  :)
the first one is a tinselly one :)  ı do love it and it goes well with cecile 66. but its hard to remove..
its GoldenRose 69
this is the cecile 66. an amazing color.. it looks more darker on my nail

claires 40 and claires 30
oh gosh. i have 3 more pictures but my blog does not let me upload the pictures and i dont know why...
sı ill just write down their brands and numbers..
madonna 55-a light green
madonna 30-hot pink
flormar nail art-red
flormar nail art-white (i dunno thir numbers because they are my twins and she hid them -.-)
golden lady-350

ı hope y'all have a great dayyyyyy :)

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